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Linq by Ellisa
Relationship & Intimacy Coach
for Men and Couples

Society doesn’t teach us how to dress with personality, how to pair patterns with solids, or how to make a statement on a date or job interview beyond the standard suit and tie. And when it comes to sex and intimacy, the silence is deafening, with many left to learn from dubious sources or personal trial and error.


I established a space where conversations about sex, desires, fantasies, and dating are not just welcomed but encouraged, empowering my clients to be unabashedly confident. Be Confident as Fuck! 

In-person and HIPAA Compliant Telehealth

Supporting First Responders, Military, Police and LGBTQ+ & Sex Workers



I’m passionate about offering a service that’s hands-on and personal. Whether we’re meeting in the vibrant atmosphere of a restaurant, exploring the aisles of an adult or clothing store, sitting in the professional calm of my office, or bridging distances virtually. My approach isn’t about passive online courses; it’s about active engagement.


For Men

If you’re tired of navigating the complexities of modern dating on your own, let me help you create the kind of relationships you want and deserve.

Discovery Session

In-Person or HIPAA Telehealth 75-minutes 


Weekly or Bi- weekly Sessions

55- minutes




Between Session Text/Voice 


For Couples

When was the last time you had sex and what was it like? I focus energetically on exploring a couples connection, romance and intimacy satisfaction. 

Discovery Session

In-Person or HIPAA Telehealth 90-minutes 

Weekly or Bi- weekly Sessions

55- minutes



Between Session Text/Voice 


Beyond the Visible

Playful sessions to connect with your partner through only your senses.

Artistic Expression: Paint the Partner




Dive into a world where

touch guides your creativity and darkness unveils a spectrum of glowing beauty. Join us for an evening where the canvas breathes and every stroke tells a story.

Embark on a

Sensory Journey: Blindfolded Bliss



Deepen your connection

with your partner through a series of blindfolded activities that promise to electrify your sensory experience. Uncover the power of taste, touch, smell, and sound.

Hide & Seek

Floor Work:

Connect Beyond Sight

In-Person or Virtually


Immerse yourselves in a

world where sight is not

the primary sense, encouraging you to connect deeply with your inner creativity through

touch and other senses.

Animal Crawl:

Prowl, Leap, and

Roar into Creativity

In-Person or Virtually


Embrace your primal side on all fours. Listen, smell, and ‘see’ in a new way. Discover playfulness and sensuality as you connect with your partner on a deeper level. Enjoy your sensory adventure!

Linq by Ellisa


Reach out to me for a FREE  15 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and to make sure I would be a good fit for you. 

You are important to me, I will return your call, text or email within 24 hours. My preferred method of contact is email or text due to Spam Calls.


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Highland Falls Office Park

1640 Highland Falls Drive

Suite 501

Leander, TX 78641

Call/text: 512-402-2244

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